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Marquita was very informative about the buying process. We were first time home buyers and I was cluless on many things. She told us we were pre-approved and everything went smooth after that. We couldnt believe we can finally have our family home instead of renting. Im so grateful for them for helping us find a great home especially since we have a toddler who will be starting school in a few years. So it was very important for us to live in a family oriented community and close to a great school. God worked through and in Marquita and her husband to help us find what we needed. I really liked how their attitudes were very cheerful and positive the whole time. Thank you guys so much. We appreciate you!

- Sabrina Martinez

Such a GREAT experience! In a state where everything is still new to me, Marquita and Willie made me feel like I was part of their family! They have the kindest hearts and genuinely care about you. God put them in my lives at the right time, and I wouldn't have had it any other way! I highly recommend them, not only for their awesome business, but also for thier kind hearts!

- Lauren Ellis

I was referred to Marquita and Willie by one of my really good friends. They are the ABSOLUTE best team! They work hard for their clients to ensure that we receive everything we deserve and more. They were wiling to go to bat for me when hiccups would arise during the process without hesitation. They are always available and ready and willing to assist in anyway they can. They made my house buying experience one that didn’t cause me stress and headache. I appreciate everything they do for they’re clients to ensure that we’re taken care of! Thank u guys so much for all your hard work and dedication. ♥️

- Ebony Moore

I'm a firm believer God intentionally places individuals in our lives before we even understand all the reasons they are there. Marquita and I attended school together and quite naturally, when I found out she was a realtor, I wanted to support someone I knew. I never would have imagined the various test I would endure during my home buying process. God knew exactly who I would need! Willie and Marquita are exactly who I needed! They were not only professional and knowledgeable, but they truly cared, supported, and encouraged when "I" was ready to give it up! I'll never forget when I finally decided to build my home and the company started building the wrong home on my selected lot! Mr. Willie stated something close to , " you are that close to what God has in store and the enemy will try all kind of ways to get to you." I fought back so many tears that day but I held on to what he said. Due to Marquita's negotiating and persistency; I ended up with a beautiful home that surpassed my dreams. I'm not discrediting any other realtors, but I promise you this amazing couple is the BEST in LA!!! Forever grateful for you all and y'all are forever apart of our family!!


We was referred to Mr.& Mrs.Robinson to be my realtor for the purchase of our first home and when I tell you that was the best thing that have every happened to us because they were/are AMAZING!!! For starters, they made us feel like we were their ONLY clients and they answered questions for us that wasn’t even related in their department. Brandon was scared to purchase a home for multiple reasons but one of the reasons was he didn’t want a pushy realtor. God gave us the Robinson’s because we were meant to have the home we are currently in now because we viewed multiple houses and they weren’t pushy at ALL because we didn’t want any of the other homes we toured, but we got the area we have always wanted and I’m so grateful. When we found the right home, Mrs.Marquita started doing what she does BEST and that’s negotiating. She got us everything we needed to be in our comfort zone. Mr. Willie gave us but mostly Brandon something that is priceless that we would never forget and that’s words of encouragement. He told him he can do anything he set his mind to do just keep God first. We love them for that because Brandon was so terrified of purchasing a home but ONE talk with Mr.Willie and he was SOLD. ? I will recommend EVERYONE I KNOW!!! I never knock anyone but I promise I bet no one realtor is like MINES. #Mr&Mrs.Robinson

- Brandon & Kateeka

Marquita and Willie Robinson rock! It’s not just business with these guys, they treat you like family! Professionally & personally they are great people! They are a breath of fresh air and made the process an ease for my husband and I. ALWAYS pleasant, friendly, and always greeted us with a hug & a smile (we both have crazy work schedules and they were able to accommodate us). We knew what we wanted and needed in a home which in turn took a while to find. The Robinsons were so patient with us. I thought my husband and I were taking forever to find a home needless to say the Robinsons assured us it was no need to rush and they were here with us until we found the perfect home! I can say that they kept their word! ”Pray about it, & Talk it over, you will know when you have found the right home.” Is what they would tell us. Such great advice! Once we found the home that we loved they were on it!!! We blinked and we were closing in 30 days WOW! They are even still here for us after closing. We can call them and still receive the same service like we are new clients! Ascension Realty gets a thumbs up! Thanks for everything! We love you all!

- Trelysia & Jeremiah Porter

Mr. Willie and Mrs. Marquita are amazing. They were with us every step of the way thru the roller coaster of emotions and they were informative, supportive, and very positive. We thought we wasn't ready to purchase our home, but Mr. Willie said don't ever think you are not ready. Till today we remember those exact words. They have such an amazing professional team that will make things happen fast and very effective. If you ever want to purchase your dream home or sale don't hesitate to give them a call you have so much to gain. They are absolutely the BEST.

- Wendy & Pablo Villarreal

Wow! Awesome couple! I've begged my husband for almost 3 years to sell our old home and to start building a home for a new beginning. When he asked me to find a realtor. I told him I didn't have to look. Marquita, I can write about book about how professional you are and how you don't play bout your clients! They were there when we felt like giving up and to calm me down. They also help with referring us to an amazing Loan Officer to finish the deal. Marquita and Willie are truly God sent. Thanks! You're family now!

- Shedrick and Chantelle Glover

Wow where do we start at.. First I want to thank both of you for giving me life meaning a true second chance at being happy with my husband and kids. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year February. I did all my treatment including chemo therapy several surgeries and so on. I have so many old, painful, sad memories in my old home. My husband said lets move to new beginnings and calling Marquita was like calling a Angel she is amazing, patient and a true blessing. Her and her husband were very professional and I rate them right under The Obama’s they’re AMAZING AND GOD SENT. Thanks for giving me and my family new beginnings. We love y’all and pray for blessings over your business. Thanks

- Andra and Kymeesha Jacobs

Marquita and Willie are THE BEST! We were very unsure about how ready we were to buy a house but they made this process so easy, so clear and SO FUN that it felt too easy. We found the house of our dreams for our family and we were so blessed to find that house with the help of this amazing family! They care about their clients and they made us feel like family! I highly recommend them--especially if you're a first time homebuyer like us--because they keep you well informed, they hear and understand your needs/wants, and they rise to the occasion and truly make sure you enjoy them homebuying process!

- Anthony & Jamie Ware

What can you say about Marquita and Willie?! They were absolutely wonderful. This was my first time actually looking for homes to purchase. My family was growing by not one but two! I was pregnant with twins, and I truly was going to need the room. They were so personable and had an overall great spirit. They wanted to make sure that I had every bit of information I needed. I couldn't have asked for better Realtors! Truly grateful to you both and may God continue to bless you!

- Natalie

Where do I start lol Willie and Marquita were amazing, they are such a humble and a very blessed couple. They are God fearing people, they made us feel comfortable and assured us that everything would be okay. This process was not easy, but they made our dream that we worked so hard for come true. We are forever THANKFUL!!!!! It was a pleasure to work with friends that are also family...... Brasstell & Tammara Costley


I am so thankful for Willie and Marquita. They were the absolute best when selling our home. The communication and professionalism were outstanding during the entire process. I feel like they looked out for our best interests from start to finish. They took the stress out of the picture for us!

- Mary Anhlin

I will never forget the day I contacted Marquita and Willie with our journey on buying a new home. We were super excited and nervous but once we met Marquita and Willie at our first showing. Our worries began to slip away. They had such a positive energy and took all our concerns seriously. I would literally call, text or email Marquita late hours and early mornings and she would answer promptly. I always knew what was going on with the home we were purchasing. The Robinson's worked HARD for us and we are forever thankful for them making our dream come true.

- Steven and Shauna Jackson

Absolutely love the way Ascension Realty handle their business. First and foremost you can feel the warmth, the love & the presence of God @ their door. The selling of our home & purchase of another home was a breeze. Marquita was always a phone call/text away. Her response time is incredible. Willie & Marquita truly felt like family. As if we have known them forever. I’ll definitely refer my friends/family even strangers to them. Very professional, very prompt, very attentive, very caring I can go on & on. But just know when u have chose this loving Christian family to sell/purchase your home. You will definitely have made the right choice! Love u guys lots, From the Bennett Family?

- Melissa Bennett

Willie & Zach have known each other for years and even though there were years when their paths did not cross, when the time came the conversation picked back up like they talked everyday. We were in a difficult time and without a home. Zach knew Willie was going to help but wasnt sure how at the time. I begin emailing Ascension Realty, I thought I was talking to Willie but it turns out I was talking to his smart beautiful wife Marquita. After a few back and forth questions and a “Nooo call and cancel that”, I was convinced that we were in good hands. Willie and Marquita were our calm during the storm. Despite ALL that was going on they were there. I texted, they answered, I questioned, they answered, I had doubt, they answered. I cried, they answered. Their faith in God and genuine love shined through just when we needed it. They did an AWEsome job and our family is forever grateful! #teamAscensionrealty4life #wediditin30days

- Zach& Andrea Besant

Words cannot express how grateful and blessed we are to have crossed paths with this wonderful, awesome, and honest couple in our pusuit of being homeowners. The Robinson’s were with us from the beginning and are still very.active and supportive in our lives. I would recommend these two to take care of your every need during your journey to become a homeowner. Honest, supportive, christians, knowledgeable, dependable, punctual, energetic, happy, flexible…these are just a few that come to mind when I want to describe them. If we had to do it all over again, we would not change who we chose to our guidance and help in being 1st time homeowners. Many thanks and continued blessings to The Robinson’s and their business.

Love yall much,

The Mitchell’s

- Wallace & Jazel Mitchell

They are truly heaven sent. Collectively both Willie and Marquita were there from Home preview to closing. If ever there were questions or doubts anything real estate related they are my go-to source. I trust they opinion wholeheartedly. The experience that I went through was so amazing I refer everyone that is looking to buy a home their way... Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build or find your dream home with the help of these professionals.

- Tameshia Hasten

What an EXPERIENCE! I was more drawn to the Christians they were, everything else was a bonus. They went above and beyond, they didn't just help us find our dream home they were also in full communication with our lender as well, just to make sure things were running smoothly! Friend them on FB, you will fall in love with their family and their passion. Our home is everything we wanted and more. With God, they really do make dreams come true!

- Darnisha & Sedaka LeBlanc

Willie and Marquita were an absolute dream to work with, we appreciate everything they did for us to help us achieve our dreams ! They were always a text or phone call away to help immediately, very professional and amazing people.

- Brooke & Buddy

Willie and Marquita are two truly wonderful people that I am very thankful that God allowed to enter my life. They made the selling of our old home and the buying of the new home an easy and comfortable process. They are very knowledgeable about the process and the homes in Ascension parish. They kept us abreast and up-to-date on homes that we wanted to see and documents needed once we found the home we wanted. They are professionals. They are Christians. They are family.

- Charles M. Kirby

We can't say enough about the Robinsons, how they have gone above and beyond to assist us in finding a home! From the very day we signed the purchase agreement until closing, they were always available...from answering questions, working with our lender, anything and everything to keep the ball rolling on the process. We closed in 29 days!!! I am confident they will work equally as hard to sell our home when we list ours. I am so thankful that we used them for our real estate needs!

- Dixie and Eric Vaughan

Willie and Marquita are the best! They sold our home and helped us to find a new one! They were very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process! They were always one phone call away! Marquita is very prompt with her responses and professional! They made the selling and buying process a breeze. They truly take an interest when helping you! They try their best to accommodate whatever you may need. I would recommend all my family and friends to Willie and Marquita!

- Loriann and Corey

After reading and hearing so many wonderful things about Ascension Realty and asking God to guide my decision I know without a doubt that we made the right decision. Words cannot express how grateful we’re to have been blessed with such a beautiful God fearing couple. Willie and Marquita Robinson a gift truly sent by God…two wonderful people with pure compassionate hearts! Thank you for your patience, after viewing so many houses they’ll began to look the same, but you guys remained POSTIVE and FAITHFUL knowing that we would soon find our new HOME!! Being someone who has to know what, when, where, why and how I can promise you I NEVER had to ask… it was ALWAYS delivered on time in that exact order. LOL I Love Marquita! Their willingness to go above and beyond working on their off days, in the middle of family trips, and daughter basketball games…. It’s an awesome feeling when you know the people you chose to TRUST can see your vision and will NOT allow you to make any sudden or wrong decisions. I admire the honesty from the facial expressions (LOL) to the SERIOUSNESS of our long-term investment. My husband and I knew that God had our home out there it was just waiting on us. Just like he had Willie & Marquita Robinson waiting on us, TRULY HEAVEN SENT!!! I speak many continue blessings over your family and business, May God continue to elevate you guys in all areas of your life. ***The tough part is deciding who you trust as an expert, we chose you*** We Love you guys, Preston and Celeste Kinchen

- Preston and Celeste Kinchen

In reading the testimonies from others I am finding out that what everyone else has said is the same as what I want to say about this BEAUTIFUL CHRISTIAN COUPLE however, I was not the one to purchase a home..it was for my BEAUTIFUL daughter but the experience for her was just like it was for me. I walked through this with my daughter every step of the way. Marquita and Willie kept the excitement going. Not only that, they kept the faith. They TRULY BELIEVE that WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. It is my belief as well. Words can NEVER express how GRATEFUL I am to have met them. The very first day that we met I felt like they were family. Each day afterwards we became closer and closer. What more does a mother wants for her child when making a great step in life like purchasing a home...of course you want someone who is caring and concerned. Marquita and Willie were just 2 UNBELIEVABLE GOD SENT PEOPLE or should I say a GOD SENT COUPLE. There is NO WAY a couple can operate a business in this manner WITHOUT putting GOD FIRST. So I say to ANYONE who is in the market for purchasing a home, please contact them. Besides deciding to make Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, this would be one of the BEST decisions you have ever made. I just can't thank them enough!

- Linda W. Bryer

Where do i start.....when I first met the Robinson couple I fell in love with their spiritual personality. I trusted God had sent them to me, and he surly did. Willie and Marquita worked with me both day, and night time was never an issue to them. Although they have very busy lives they make serious time to take you look for your home. Communication and trust was very important to me, and they keep me in the loop of things every step of the way. I never had to wonder what was the next step, they keep me updated every single time with any and all information. Things that may not seem important was to them. There were times when I felt as if I would never find the home God wanted me to be blessed with. We came very closed to closing on a home I thought was the right one, but the sale cancelled. I felt like giving up, but they told me now less go find the house God wants you with. Marquita would say we don t want to sell you just a house, we want you to have a home. Well that meant the world to me. As I searched for the perfect place, they were looking as if it was for their family. Once we were lead by God to my new home, we all felt as if it was the one! Willie had this big smile that made me feel as if everything was gonna be well, and Marquita gave words on confident that you can pack we getting this one, sure enough we got it! So God has a way of connecting his people to reach our blessing. Some times our blessing will not come to us we have to go toward it. The seller of the home and I became friends, she is a very sweet lady. We all bounded by God's grace. I never dreamed of owing my own home, but Ascension Realty helped make dreams come true. I love them and would refer them to all my friends and family. If your looking for a HOME, The Robinson can help find it no matter where its located, they will find one. Any one can find a house, but The Robinson's will help find the Home, because its where the heart is, and they will lead you there. May God continue to Bless AROLA for changing lives. Love, Monica

- Monica Fefie

I was referred to Willie and Marquita by a friend of mine and from the first conversation with the duo they were eager and ready to assist me. I was not yet pre-approved and Marquita and Willie began to brainstorm financing options for me . My credit score was not the best however that didn't turn them away from me. Once pre-approved I immediately received a list of houses that matched my criteria and I was able to schedule showings. From the beginning, Willie and Marquita were honest, knowledgeable, informative, and almost on call for me.I was able to contact the team day and night and they worked well outside of the normal business hours to assist me. The duo even assisted me with transportation ! Talking about great, genuine, personal service! Marquita held my hand through the entire process and made sure I was informed about everything going on once my offer was accepted. We encountered a few storms but that did not change their patient, caring, and helpful attitude with me. Ascension Realty gave my children and I "The American Dream". I am forever grateful and will refer everyone to The Robinson's. They make sure to close every deal with the stamp of approval . Words cannot express how much I appreciate them! Buying a home is stressful within itself but when you have a great team working for you and along side you it makes all the difference. The Robinson's are not afraid to work hard for clients. It was a pleasure and I love you always!

- Vanessa D. Sanders

OMG! Where do I start with these guys?! By my husband and I being so young so many people was telling us what we can't do but when I reached out to "The Robinsons" they gave me another perspective on things. Even through the process when I felt like giving up and just calling it quits, they were there to inspire us, to push us to be great, & gave us good advice. They were COMPLETELY HONEST about EVERYTHING and it's hard to come across honest people. It's not just a job and all about the money they really go way beyond for their clients and customers. They didn't just help us find a house but they help us to rebuild our faith in God and found us a house that I wouldn't dream of having. I can say so many good things about these guys but that would take up so much space,lol! But honestly, I am forever grateful for them and I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication that they put into this. I have the house I been dreaming of all my life and I thank them for letting God use them for me. My 5 month old has a house to grow up in and in a good district for a great school. Words can't express how appreciative we are. WE LOVE YOU GUYS. XOXOXOXOXOXO

- Drailon and Lakeidria Walker

I began preparing to purchase a home approximately 1 year before I actually closed on my new home. Within that time, I had sent and received countless e-mails to and from The Robinson Team. Initially, I wasn't sure if I wanted to build or buy. After deciding that I would rather buy a home that was already constructed as opposed to building from the ground up, we went to work. I stumbled across a home within the community that I wished to purchase/build in that was being prepared for sale. I contacted The Robinson Team on a Tuesday to tell them that the home was being prepped for sale. They checked the database and found that the home was not yet actively listed. The very next day (Wednesday), the home went on the market. Needless to say that a mere 2 days later we were standing inside of what is now my home for a tour. The Robinson team arranged for help with my financial requirements and every aspect involved with the purchase of my home. I have never in my life had such a wonderful and positive experience with the purchase of anything. Even when unavoidable obstacles were thrown at me during this process, I was constantly encouraged to remain strong in my faith. The Robinson's are truly God sent and I appreciate all of their efforts in assisting me more than I can ever express. I have recommended the Ascension Realty team to a countless amount of people. I am forever grateful for God placing them in my life!

- Keri Bovie

We heard many horror stories when preparing to buy our first home; however, the Ascension Realty team made our process quite simple. They were very attentive to our needs and responsive to our concerns. The Ascension Realty team is second to none, especially for those who fear the home-buying process. Have no fear because Marquita and Willie are here!

Thanks Ascension Realty!

- Christina & Kirk

I’m not sure where to begin with sharing my experience with Willie and Marquita Robinson. I came into this experience of becoming a first time home owner with so many fears and reservations and honestly, I get emotional when I think of the support, time, dedication, patience, love, peace and wealth of knowledge that they provided me on the search for my first home. We looked at so many homes that I began to feel guilty that I was putting too much on them, lol. But in true professionalism and love they never rushed me or lost their enthusiasm for me. They even referred me to a most wonderful company and rep. that assisted with my financial needs. They were at every home on time and ready to oblige my every want, need, and desire. There has not been a time, even to this day, and I’ve been in my home for two years, that they have not answered a call or responded to a text with the answer to whatever I ask. Ascension Reality is that type of company that you search for all your life. A company that values your thoughts and opinions, use every avenue to get you the best outcome, does not quit on you, puts you first and truly looks out for your best interest. I will forever be grateful to Ascension Realty (the Robinsons). I tell everyone I encounter that has real estate needs about Ascension Realty. If you are looking for people who truly care, for a company that has your best interest at heart, and for knowledge overflowing you would not walk but trip over yourself running to Ascension Realty;they are now helping me as I expand in life and start my own company! Thank you Willie and Marquita you truly possess Galatians 5:22

Love you much.

- Monica Mckee

I purchased my home through Ascension Realty last May and the entire experience from beginning to end was one I’d never forget! My happiness & satisfaction was their goal and they didn’t stop until I found exactly what I was looking for! I don’t know who was happier (me or them)! Such a great couple to work with!! They’re full of joy, dedication & love! You will not be dissatisfied. “If you’re looking for the home of your dreams, look no further you’ve found the willing team”! Love you guys! =)

- Karondia Harold

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